Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cheers to New Beginings

I finally caved in and created a blog   I know.. I know.. Where have I been right?  Well Here I am!

Apparently Im too popular on Facebook or maybe its because I feel as tho Ive lost control of my free speach to post my thoughts and feelings without someone, who has either subscribed to my timeline or added me on their friendslist, reporting anything that I post on my timeline as "offensive" to them, that Im branching out seeking a new avenue to say what I need to say.

I never understood the justification one would get from reporting something they see on another persons FB timeline as "offense".  No one is holding a gun to their head keeping them there. If you add someone and dont like something they say, you could perhaps just be a grown adult and go on with your life, but in todays technology Facebook has taught us that if we dont "like" or "agree" with what someone else says that instead of minding our own business now everyone has the right to be internet police and report that user.  In my day we call that a tattletail. lol.

Are we still in 5th grade, running and tattling to the teacher because "jason" did or said something to you that you didnt like? The end result is Facebook envoking their own bullying tactic of "Blocking" a user being reported for a specified amount of time as if that user was being grounded from their timeline, family & friends essentially restricting a persons right of freedom of speach.
Gentlemen & my lady followers Im done ranting so without further eyestrain I present to you
the Official Blog of Sebastian Woods


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