Saturday, December 29, 2012

SebastianWoods the Entrepreneur

__________________________MY BUSINESS_______________________________

To fully understand me is to understand that I am probably one of the most focused, determined, level headed persons you will meet in a very long time. I'm an Entrepreneur that dedicates my life to building this brand that I have created for myself along with the various divisions that make up my company.

Here is the Facebook page I created to introduce my company.
Check it out would ya?

________________________B A S T I A N ' S________________________________

[-]Bastian Photography Studio

Bastian's Photography on Facebook
Bastian's Photography Website

[-]Bastian's Massage

Bastian's Massage on Facebook

[-] Bastian's Underwear - Mens Clothing & Apparel

Bastian's Mens Underwear on Facebook

[-] Bastian's Event/Party Planning

Bastian's Event/Party Planning Service on Facebook

[-] Bastian's Cleaning Service

Bastian's Cleaning Service on Facebook

[-] Bastian's Suds & Studs Car Wash

Bastian's Suds & Studs Car Wash on Facebook

My 1 Year Goal:
Become a certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor
Launch Underwear Line

My 5 Year Goal:
-To get this whole brand fully operational, fully staffed and making $$$ :)
-Open my own fitness club
-Host my own Radio Show
-Own my own TV Network

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