Thursday, January 3, 2013

Buy local and take your chances.


Gone are the days of gay.com and the actual  social interaction that came from a chat room but dont worry adam4adam stepped up to the plate. Of all the hookup sites there is out there adam4adam hands down will get me seen by more potential guys looking to hire a guy then all of the escort sites. Simply because everyone local, even visitors to the city use the site to do their searching.

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Of course it has its drawbacks, specifially the fact that these guys are there to hookup (for free), so expecting them to know how to conduct themselves professionally has to be scaled back a bit.

    also in general id suggest lowering ones standard rates by $50 to compensate for the fact the clientel coming from this site arent prepared for the high cost usually associated with our work, tho i supposed you could just inflate your standard rates by $50 if you feel the rate is too low

and on occasion you do have those out there trying to just play games , as if they have nothing better to do with their time.

Additionaly there is another convenience, adam4adam only charges $30 a month to advertise. MUCH! more affordable then the dedicated websites cost.

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