Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Never Leave Home with out it I always say

There are some key items that you must always remember to pack when venturing off to see a client. You won't use every item every time, but just remember Boy Scout code: Be Prepared.

This is how I roll,
My handy dandy Cock-Ring.  can never be sure when you run into some whos inexperienced or just
plain terrible at making me excited enough to perform. Infact i usually wear it on my finger which sometimes
gets me looks when i forget and find myself handing a cashier money as they give me a strange look.

Good lube, i prefer to use  "Wet" Platinum

Poppers for the occasional piggy wanting to choke down my cock or for me if I need to handle a BIG one.
Magnum Condoms for my use, Regulars for pretty much everyone else. LOL.
Viagra - usually taken pre-arrival of course

An excuse to leave (I have a handy app that calls me sounding like an emergency phone call).
Listerine is a must, while I do not kiss or make out with anyone its nice to have fresh breath
A casual outfit (jeans & a hoodie are your best bet).

Baby wipes.
Hair gel.
I always carry an extra pair of underwear.. NO not because i cant control myself, But I like to offer them an
autographed gift for an extra fee.

This is a good list to live by.

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