Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sebastians Oral Sex 101

Do you think you know your way around a disco stick?  Think again..

FACT: Each man likes to be pleasured differently.
I cant think of one man out there could resist some oral action from his partner any given time of day. I can bet you if you mastered the techniques he wouldnt mind it if you stayed down there all day. A man will never get tired of oral sex if done properly.

The thing you MUST remember is to MAKE LOVE to his equipment. He should FEEL that you LOVE doing it to him, not that it is just a chore because you think he wants it. He WANTS you to Enjoy doing it!
I will stand up for men everywhere in saying.. If you dont know how ...practice and if you still cant get it right DONT do it. There is nothing that could turn a man off more then to have you between his legs making a terrible attempt at pleasing him.
There is simply no better blowjob I love more than deep throat.  The key to deep throating is to learn how to breathe through your nose and how to swallow him instead of pulling your mouth off from it every 2 minutes to take a breath and swallow.
Rule #1  Talking and moaning are essential but please refrain from distracting sounds and noises.
Rule #2  Friction and lubrication mixed correctly do the trick
Rule #3  Some men like when you use your hand, so grip the base and hold on tight
Rule #4  Oral sex is given in an Up and Down motion
Rule #5  Dont be quiet, master alittle dirty talk. Stroke his ego while you are stroking his equipment.
Never be affraid to ask him if you are doing it right, If all else fails grab his hand and put it on your head.
Rule #6  Open your eyes. Watch to see what really makes him moan, relax or tense up.  Personally its a turn off for me to have someone giving me oral pleasure and look down to watch them,to see their enjoyment, watch the physical motion In & Out and see two eyes looking back at me. Im a visual guy so in my case focus on getting the techniques and motions right.
Rule #7  There are some guys out there who are turned on by the physical act of their partner going so deep on them that they are unable to reach the base and choke, infact it may drive him over the edge. If you have learned to control your gag relex by all means step right up.
Rule #8  If you sleep with your partner the best way to start both of your days is to get up minutes earlier then he does  and perform oral sex while he sleeps. The sneaky, playfulness of dashing under the sheets eagerly out for that morning foreplay will keep a man happy for many many years.
Rule #9  Not everyone enjoys the taste of semen, to remedy this issue suggest your partner sits down with you to eat some fruit, strawberries,, bananas, grapes, pineapple.. Trust me you will enjoy the sweet treat later.
Rule #10 By sticking out your tonue, you can take the shaft deeper in your mouth. Let us not forget; swirling your tinbue around the head of his penis and giving suction to your blow job will edge your guy to a exciting climax you both with enjoy

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