Saturday, March 16, 2013

This may come as shocking surprise ...to some of you

that just because ive done some acting (using that term very loosly) in some B rated sex videos & that im a male escort I must be the biggest whore you know and Im just this terrible guy..  lol  awe sweetie.  This guy right here doesnt believe in this urban dictionary word  "casual sex". Chances that I care that you are "bored and horny" are = 0%

Im not interested in casual sex with anyone of you attempting to suggest it. Im not desperate for love and attention, I take well care of that on my own just fine thanks. That guy youve invisioned is not me, I wasnt raised that way. I actually know what it is im looking for and if you arent him you are only wasting your time. In life ive chosen to be devoted to a higher struggle and that my readers.. is growing up and becoming successful. Its unfathomable to sit back and think. "gosh i know men in their 40's, 50's and yes even 60's who dont have their life together,"

What do I have to offer potential partners out there that these guys dont have you ask?

Its the art of exclusivity and self loathing, character building and good moral upbringing from the right parents in a loving home

Another way i look at it is like this; I feel those guys that we see on our gay hookup websites do what they do, you know the hours on the computer, the senseless crazy adventures in bed with men they dont even know just happens to be the REAL problem with men of this era. the lack of love and respect one misses when they do not value themselves, subjecting their bodies to unimaginable consequences. I on the other hand do value myself and what I have to offer, in the give and take of a relationship between two people. You can be assured that unlike the guys you see on here daily looking for a random casual trick, I would not consider the notion of their request.

Im happily single and plan to stay that way. Living life, Having fun, focusing on my career and education, staying away from any distractions posed by guys just wanting to chase those "sexually attractive chemicals" 
If im not in a relationship with you, its certainly none of anyone's business what I like to do sexually in bed, or "what do I get into?" so you  REALLY  shouldnt be asking me these questions.  Is that what we've become with our way of communicating with people now days?


Average guy lets call him "joe" well he is on jack'd and the other sites daily looking for sex.  You know that because he has several times he has messaged you and that leads anyone to think that if he is asking you of your interest  he is asking everyone he is attractive to the same thing. Okay so lets say "joe" succeeds with 1 trick a day.  What is 365x1=?   Now even if he is only successful 50% of the time he has still slept with 182 guys


With that said I hope that what ive said makes sense to someone. I pride myself in knowing that I can offer anyone that small piece of mind because BOY! its a messed up world out there. I deserve to be treated better than those "joes". The bar you know is set pretty low. I generally wouldnt think a night of exciting passionate love with a true genuine honest person with great looks and a hot body on him would cost less then 1200 I have to remind myself this isnt the Clinton presidency Sebastian.

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