Sunday, February 16, 2014

[Questions for] Sebastian

Question from Miguel

What advice would you give to a person that is just getting started into the escorting industry?

Understand that escorting is a business and you should treat it as such. Set goals for the things you want to accomplish with the various benefits coming your way. Dont get lost out there. These men see something special in you. KEEP OUT of drugs and alcohol. Conduct yourself professionally. learn the language of money and how to speak with your clients. Establish and know your value and self worth. Who you are and the story you write is what attracts people towards you. Keeping a positive attitude and outlook on life will definitely keep away a few of those grey hairs.

[Question from Emily]
Why should fans nominate & vote for you to win a Hookies Award?

You mean other than because I asked them to? (smirk!) Everyone who nominates and votes for me encourages and motivates me to continue doing what i love to do. It helps to know that the exposure from these awards given out by rentboy actually are amazing business Advertisement labels given to us based on the time and dedication that comes from our fans nominating and voting for us. I will continue to pursue my education, growing and learning; I hope to do all of the men Ive met along the way a great deal of satisfaction by furthering my business ventures and building this successful brand ive created to even higher levels of achievement. I thank each and everyone for helping me see my dreams become reality.

[Question from Michael]
How do you separate yourself from your personal and professional life?

I don't, I'm always working. lol Hey! to some it might seem like.. Im in my own world, that im boring or to busy doing this or that to be seen at the bars everyday, ...whatever but im probably one of the most creative, focused, devoted people you will meet in a long time. My path in life is thought out, well developed, planned and re-planned and put to a list of goals and deadlines that are crucially important to me and the greater scheme of things.. To separate myself between the two i try to do as many normal things a guy my age would do like; going to the movies with friends, hanging out at the beaches, anything that involves me enjoying the outdoors with my pup. I love to shoot pool and play tennis to get my mind off work. Im far passed the hype of having to be seen out in public getting wasted at a bar several nights a week. Id even go as far to say that my cancerian ways and present everywhere in my life. Im centered around my home, family, business and in harmony with my surroundings so that i dont need those things to fulfill my happiness.

[Question from Bryce]
Sebastian do you watch porn? , if yes which do you prefer to watch- gay porn or straight porn? Do you watch your own videos?

Good question Bryce, I get this question a lot. Let me answer in reverse. I really dont make an effort to watch my own videos past the first initial screening party I have with all of my friends. If someone is next to me at my computer and asks to see one of my videos i gladly pull up the video and let them watch. How's that? 

Which do i prefer to watch? ill be honest unless ive got a porn playing to oblige a house guest I dont really find the time to watch any porn. When I turn on a porn video it is to help make my guest comfortable, I on the underhand get into just listening to the video.
Id have to say that I enjoy watching straight porn over the gay films.

Trust me Bryce you dont want to watch a porn video with me because after a few minutes of watching i turn into this loud obnoxious porn critic. my attention to detail or OCD takes over and what seems un-noticed is the most obvious and annoying to me.

[Question from John]
How did you make your start in the adult industry? 

I would always watch my dads porn while he and my mom were at work. i used to think how awesome it would be to be the guy in the videos people were pleasuring themselves to. So at 17 I started contacting studios telling them i wanted to work with them when i turned 18 discretely from the office on the family computer late late at night.

[Question from Mathew]
Who is your favorite Singers?

Eminem, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Brandy, Mariah Carey, Britney

[Question from Dylan]
How has escorting helped you as a person?

Escorting has given me the opportunity to stay debt free. my two degrees, massage certification were paid for with the help of these new people i met along the way. I have also started several small business' such as my photography service, my cleaning service, my massage service, my car wash, my party/planning service, my mens underwear line, and my gay nightlife magazine. I've got a lot to do in my life and with all of these divisions of my brand out there being profitable and relevant I believe I have a good deal to share with the world and anyone who will take interest in me can hopefully learn something from the things Im doing.

[Question from Vincent]
What’s the better gig – escorting or porn?


[Question from Eric]
Sebastian what’s the best & worst thing about escorting?

Well Eric i think just a few of the best things about it would be Meeting Guys, Gaining Wisdom from them & Having the financial freedom to start my own business'.

The worst; escorting is the same thing as having a business, you are responsible for you and no one else is there to catch you if you 
dont do well or the month is slow.

[Question from Todd]
Why did you decide to become an escort?

When I started doing porn there were a lot of guys who started contacting me wanting to offer me money to spend time with me. at the time I was young and having guys wanting to spoil me and give me money to have nice things, pay for school and buy what i wanted turned me on.

[Question from Barbie]
Do the tatts on your naval and neck have a special meaning Sebastian?

My naval tat was actually sketched by the one and only Sisqo after meeting him back stage at one of his concerts a very long time ago. The bar code on the back of my neck is my way of expressing my view of myself as being a product but the numbers below it are actually the day/year my youngest & only brother was born/killed after an accident involving a drunk driver in 2001

[Question from David]
What is your preference on body hair Sebastian?

On my personally? I don't like it at all. I am not a hairy person to begin with but i like to keep my body hairless for the most part. There are a day here and there I'm lazy and don't shave my face but as fast as it grows i try to get rid of it. It just looks very dirty and unkept. I love the body and its muscles and i think people should show them off not hide them behind furr.

[Question from Rion]
What foods do you like?

Anything Home cooked Rion. I dont eat fast food and rarely eat out.

[Question from Jeff]
What are your favorite sports to play Sebastian?

Football, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis & Billiards

[Question from Ron]
Sebastian, How long have you lived in Florida? Where are you from?

I grew up in Michigan but I have lived here in Orlando for 6 years now.

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