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Hello, by now I'm sure you all know my name is SebastianWoods. I am an Actor/Performer/Entertainer to list a few.

id like to introduce and welcome you to my official blog  telling you about my new website SEBASTIANWOODS.NET

(OK, I’ll skip the stuff you probably know already – lol.)

I've been wanting to bring an interactive perspective to this new website giving all of you something different than other websites out there, something to engage you and keep your interest, to hold your attention and to keep you as a member here for as long as you will have me. I'm going to make you want this membership because im not going away. ive established myself and who i am. Youll love me because of my loyalty and credibility not just my integrity to my word.

In my teenage years I was sneaking peeks at my dads straight porn collection, babysitting my younger brother while my parents were working all day. I was certainly not your normal teenager; my life was school, school, school and when i wasn't in class or studying you'd find me and my brother having amazing adventures out in the woods waiting to hear that 6 pm dinner bell my mother would ring for us to come inside. I wasn't so much interested in the women in the videos, more so just the POV insertion shots are what really turned me on. I often thought how hot it would be if i was that guy in the video and how many people pleasured themselves watching me have sex on film.

At age 17 thanks to my uncles hobby of photography for my birthday I received my first camera. I decided then that i wanted to own my own porn studio and website. I often found guys on a site called gay.com who were more than happy to get naked and have sex for a young guy like me on camera and not even be paid for it. I guess it turned them on having me on the other side of the camera tossing out orders while i shoot my video. Just my luck my senior year in high school my parents bought me a computer for my classwork. Little did they know that at all hours of the day and night i was self teaching my way to building my own website and running a porn studio from their home office.

I started out in porn at 18 the week of my birthday. All that time spent surfing porn sites looking for ideas and techniques on shooting a video paid off, I had been emailing each of them asking them if they would be interested in working with me once i turned 18. I had already planned how i was going to use my birthday money to just up and get in my car for a long road trip from Michigan out to Los Angeles, alone. It was the only way I knew how to potentially speak to and book with these studios without having an agent; in my case even knowing someone who was gay. Us country corn field boys are pretty sheltered when it comes to what goes in the city. I knew if i wanted to fulfill my fantasy of being in videos and having people everywhere getting off to my videos i had to start as soon as possible. I never imagined making a career out of it, that’s for sure!

Finally graduation came around and those same studios i had spent time emailing back n forth all began calling me the weekend before my birthday. Within Hours of the first call one studio had asked all the info needed to book a round trip for me, three weeks in California. One after another each and every one of the studios i emailed called and booked me for shoots within the time i would be out visiting.

I started out working for small companies because I didn't know how to contact the big studios. Actually I've never in my life wanted “being a porn star” to be my career choice. After doing a few scenes, I began to be recognized, I was never scared that my family or friends back home Might see my videos and photos and give me a hard time, in fact it wasn't a thought in my mind. My break into the adult film industry opened many doors some of which i never imagined. Once my videos reached the websites and dvd's began selling off shelves i found it to be so much easier to communicate and behave myself around other gay men. Not only did these guys want to see more videos of me they were even willing to pay for me to go visit them or spend time together on their vacations. The offers and adventures I had because of this were amazing and i spent a great deal of time learning and listening to these older men tell their stories of the lives they lived.

I returned back to Michigan and made several moves within the first year of being out of my parents house. My website was a hit, naturally in 1999 there was no gay porn studios in Michigan taking advantage of all those gorgeous Midwestern men eagerly wanting to get into the porn industry and i was more than willing to do everything i could to succeed. because i had no real avenue other than my website to market my film work and photography i went to places where i knew i could find gay men hanging out. I loved the idea of being cruised by guys and while i was never the type to bluntly walk up to someone and ask for sex i found it increasingly easy to go sit on a park bench at a local rest area with my laptop watching the videos i filmed and when someone would approach me more often than not i would say "are you into porn by chance" i had this long sales pitch about how im just starting my own studio and that not only did i design my website myself but i had put together dvds of my videos and offered to sell them a copy.

Ive met so many talented amazing beautiful men thus far in my young life and well ive also made some enemies along the way. I had made a name for myself by advertising on gay.com that i was a producer/porn star going around to every major university in Michigan looking for guys to shoot videos for me. one of the biggest moments that i attribute to my success is while i lived just yards off campus at the university of Michigan. I had been emailing back n forth with a guy who just seemed very interested in what i was doing and liked to ask a lot of questions. i have to admit now looking back i really loved the attention from this guy who genuinely wanted to know all about me. weeks later the campus newspaper printed a story about a smut porn producer filming gay porn on campus (btw that would be illegal) and within 2 days 3 local news networks had picked up the story and what do you know.. this guy who i had confided in with my stories of who i am and what im doing turned into one of my favorite malicious haters. he litterally flipped my every word and made me sound like this terrible person basically filming in bathrooms and so on. little did he know what he was really doing was giving me just the press i was in need of. another 2 or 3 days had went by and i had pretty much went into seclusion fearing if someone knew id be in big trouble but sitting there at my desk the only thing i saw where my website counter go from a 80 thousand to 3 and 400.000 hits. guys were emailing me from my website wanting to know how they can get in the business and i had to create a separate email address just for them to send me their photos so i was able to keep communication with them organized. In just that short amount of time i went from being a no body.. to SOMEBODY everyone was wanting to know and get in contact with. needless to say it wasn't only 8 months later a guy approached me introducing himself as the guy you are in competition with. he shook my hand and thanked me because he never would have thought opening his very own studio would be so profitable for him and while he would love to be in business together with me he told me that he heard how stubborn i was about wanting everything ran my way and he just couldn't work for someone like me but instead of going head to head with this guy he offered me something at the time i couldn't refuse. Would you be willing to sell your website and studio to me? he asked. I resisted and blew him off for another 6 months and finally one night at a bar he approached me again with drinks in his hand and this time he up'd his offer double and with only a few minutes of thought i agreed to the sale.  Happy with myself because within 2.5 years time i went from being just this kid with a camera to selling it all with a substantial amount of money in my bank account.  AHHH Accomplishment!

Not long after i moved a few times out of Michigan. Off to LA for a year trying to become a discovered actor in Hollywood, I had also started to explore the legit modeling industry but because i had no real connections that didn't develop much. I was picking up a few small roles on websites who contacted me because they liked my work here and there. Making a crazy decision to move back to Michigan living in Detroit of all places. which is where my role changed a bit. I started escorting a lot because these guys saw my videos and they wanted to experience being with the guy they saw in those videos.. i transitioned a bit further from being an adult film actor to being an agent and scout. I earned a degree in business management in that time was looking for the right spot for me in life to start a business. everyone always told me if you are going to start your own business you have to do what you love to do.  It wasn't until i moved to Florida that i used the money from the sale of my website and escorting to start my very first (non porn related) business.

I was over being the money wasting teenage years of my life Far to early and instead stayed home much more. bars were put to the back burner as i creatively begin to form my brand "Bastian's". To fully understand me is to understand that I am probably one of the most focused, determined, level headed persons you will meet in a very long time. I'm an Entrepreneur that dedicates my life now to building this brand that I have created for myself along with the various divisions that make up my company. believe me when i say my life is all work and no play but don't think for a minute that i am complaining or have regrets about not living out my youth doing wreck less dumb things to get me into trouble. I am certainly not in fact the older i get the more i appreciate and respect myself for the choices ive made.  porn and escorting has bought me several college educations, cars, nice places to live and many many people whom i can call friends. even if they do just see me as an object, the people i keep close to me know the real me and know id give the shirt off my back for them in a heart beat.

I love to have friends & chat buddies and i will admit to being very careful with my heart trying not to allow anyone inside my walls because for the most part anything that does not involve my company, and my brand is a waste of my time. I like being outdoors with my dog, meeting new people, networking and getting myself out there That is what these websites are all about.

I like attention/being spoiled and who doesn't, shopping, hanging with my friends, hosting parties, lunch/dinner dates and im always looking for someone to go out for drinks with, shoot pool, play tennis or head off to the beach.

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