Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Never Leave Home with out it I always say

There are some key items that you must always remember to pack when venturing off to see a client. You won't use every item every time, but just remember Boy Scout code: Be Prepared.

This is how I roll,
My handy dandy Cock-Ring.  can never be sure when you run into some whos inexperienced or just
plain terrible at making me excited enough to perform. Infact i usually wear it on my finger which sometimes
gets me looks when i forget and find myself handing a cashier money as they give me a strange look.

Good lube, i prefer to use  "Wet" Platinum

Poppers for the occasional piggy wanting to choke down my cock or for me if I need to handle a BIG one.
Magnum Condoms for my use, Regulars for pretty much everyone else. LOL.
Viagra - usually taken pre-arrival of course

An excuse to leave (I have a handy app that calls me sounding like an emergency phone call).
Listerine is a must, while I do not kiss or make out with anyone its nice to have fresh breath
A casual outfit (jeans & a hoodie are your best bet).

Baby wipes.
Hair gel.
I always carry an extra pair of underwear.. NO not because i cant control myself, But I like to offer them an
autographed gift for an extra fee.

This is a good list to live by.

Sebastians How-2-Hire a Rentboy 101

Its becoming so much easier to find that special guy on the internet these days advertising 4-Hire

When in doubt stick with the pro's of renting men and visit these websites

Step 1  4 simple ways to find the rentboy for you.

#1 Here's a no brainer, Think local -
Try looking up the pro's on adam4adam.com first.

#2 Venture on over to the grand daddy of all escort websites rentboy.com

#3 Men4rentnow.com and rentmen.com should always be on the list following these two searches

#4 Lastly if you still havent found what your taste buds are searching for have a look at hourboy.com

**Its very important to be aware.. Not always the cheap rates are the best quality. Its safe to say if the guy doesnt value his worth at least at $200.. there maybe signs of desperation and who wants that baggage! 
Generally If you want to hire a guy under the age of 25 count on his rates being at least $250, it goes with out saying they older and more good looking the guys are, the higher their rates will be.

Step 2: Make the Phone Call

Yes, the best way to contact your friend for the evening is by phone. Don't worry about the time of day, they'll always answer and if they dont, be sure to leave a detailed message including your name, where you are calling from, where you saw his ad, what date and time you are looking to see him if he is available. (btw its common courtesy NOT to call and bother them be telling them you are coming to town next week) If you call your friend you should be looking to meet with him that day, 2-3 days out or be ready to put down a booking fee to asure him of your seriousness in making and holding your appointment. If you are staying in a hotel be sure to give your guy the name and address of the hotel you are staying in, your name and room number. Dont worry it is normal for the guy to call you in your room to verify you are actually staying in the hotel.. its for his safety mostly

Dont be shy in telling your friend what it is you are looking for when you meet, stay away from wording your description with all of these crazy things you get into.. if he isnt into what you are looking for youve just lost yourself some company for the night.. its safe to assume that when two guys are in a hotel room naked.. something is going to be touching.. its common courtesy to not ask your friend what he is into.. he maybe with family or friends when you call and its escort rule to tell you "you are hiring me for an hour.. or more of my time. what we do behind closed doors is between two consenting adults" REMEMBER THAT.. you are hiring your friend for his time, some escorts will become offended if you insinuate you are paying them for sex.  Keep it respectful and professional when calling them.

Step 3: Shower

It's just common courtesy.
You can also expect and assume he will be showered as well.

Step 4: Arrival and Payment

Have your rentboy's fee ready, in cash, when he arrives and make sure it's displayed prominently on a table or shelf unless youve already did the smart thing and paid him by credit card getting it out of the way all together..Greet him and then get the business out of the way by pointing out where he can find his cash. He should NOT have to ask you for the money. Infact many rentboys im sure if you ask have stories about how someone stiffed them with no payment all because they didnt get it upfront as soon as they arrived.. Make is simple for them and have your payment ready there is no need for awkwardness.

Step 5: Wear a Condom

These are professionals and they probably take their safety more seriously than the average drunk slut who is just giving it away for free and picking up people at bars. People have assumptions that rentboys have all kinds of sex day and night.. and while for some popular boys this maybe true. chances that your rentboy has less sex then they guys you see daily on the hookup sites giving it away for free to any desperate shmuck willing to spread his legs.. EWWWW FREE SEX??  Still, for everyone's sake, be safe.

Step 6: Are you satisfied? or Do you want more? 

Remember you are hiring him for an hour of his time.. if you wish to continue the fun be sure to ask him if he has time to stay longer. ( even if you think this is a possibility have extra cash on hand) 

Step 7: To Tip or NOT to Tip

While no one expects you to tip for service you did not enjoy anyone who plans to be seen again by this rentboy should make it abundantly clear how much you liked him and his company with a big FAT TIP. I would suggest starting with a $100 for good service and from there its entirely up to you. Your rentboy will certainly remember you and put you at the top of his client list if you treat him well.

After giving your boy a tip, kick him out, but be nice about it.

Step 8: Give Him a Good Review

If you found your main man online, then do the same and give him a positive review. That's going to make him money in the long run. Also, if you're a crazy, closet-case, anti-gay hypocrite, it will probably keep him from ratting you out and giving lots of interviews to the press about what you like in bed.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sebastians Oral Sex 101

Do you think you know your way around a disco stick?  Think again..

FACT: Each man likes to be pleasured differently.
I cant think of one man out there could resist some oral action from his partner any given time of day. I can bet you if you mastered the techniques he wouldnt mind it if you stayed down there all day. A man will never get tired of oral sex if done properly.

The thing you MUST remember is to MAKE LOVE to his equipment. He should FEEL that you LOVE doing it to him, not that it is just a chore because you think he wants it. He WANTS you to Enjoy doing it!
I will stand up for men everywhere in saying.. If you dont know how ...practice and if you still cant get it right DONT do it. There is nothing that could turn a man off more then to have you between his legs making a terrible attempt at pleasing him.
There is simply no better blowjob I love more than deep throat.  The key to deep throating is to learn how to breathe through your nose and how to swallow him instead of pulling your mouth off from it every 2 minutes to take a breath and swallow.
Rule #1  Talking and moaning are essential but please refrain from distracting sounds and noises.
Rule #2  Friction and lubrication mixed correctly do the trick
Rule #3  Some men like when you use your hand, so grip the base and hold on tight
Rule #4  Oral sex is given in an Up and Down motion
Rule #5  Dont be quiet, master alittle dirty talk. Stroke his ego while you are stroking his equipment.
Never be affraid to ask him if you are doing it right, If all else fails grab his hand and put it on your head.
Rule #6  Open your eyes. Watch to see what really makes him moan, relax or tense up.  Personally its a turn off for me to have someone giving me oral pleasure and look down to watch them,to see their enjoyment, watch the physical motion In & Out and see two eyes looking back at me. Im a visual guy so in my case focus on getting the techniques and motions right.
Rule #7  There are some guys out there who are turned on by the physical act of their partner going so deep on them that they are unable to reach the base and choke, infact it may drive him over the edge. If you have learned to control your gag relex by all means step right up.
Rule #8  If you sleep with your partner the best way to start both of your days is to get up minutes earlier then he does  and perform oral sex while he sleeps. The sneaky, playfulness of dashing under the sheets eagerly out for that morning foreplay will keep a man happy for many many years.
Rule #9  Not everyone enjoys the taste of semen, to remedy this issue suggest your partner sits down with you to eat some fruit, strawberries,, bananas, grapes, pineapple.. Trust me you will enjoy the sweet treat later.
Rule #10 By sticking out your tonue, you can take the shaft deeper in your mouth. Let us not forget; swirling your tinbue around the head of his penis and giving suction to your blow job will edge your guy to a exciting climax you both with enjoy

Buy local and take your chances.


Gone are the days of gay.com and the actual  social interaction that came from a chat room but dont worry adam4adam stepped up to the plate. Of all the hookup sites there is out there adam4adam hands down will get me seen by more potential guys looking to hire a guy then all of the escort sites. Simply because everyone local, even visitors to the city use the site to do their searching.

Click on the image to close

Of course it has its drawbacks, specifially the fact that these guys are there to hookup (for free), so expecting them to know how to conduct themselves professionally has to be scaled back a bit.

    also in general id suggest lowering ones standard rates by $50 to compensate for the fact the clientel coming from this site arent prepared for the high cost usually associated with our work, tho i supposed you could just inflate your standard rates by $50 if you feel the rate is too low

and on occasion you do have those out there trying to just play games , as if they have nothing better to do with their time.

Additionaly there is another convenience, adam4adam only charges $30 a month to advertise. MUCH! more affordable then the dedicated websites cost.

Men4RentNow... Right Now!


Probably the best choice in escort websites if you are located in Florida, in my opinion it just gets you more work then the rest.


View my Ad on Men4rentnow.com

It also happens to be the most conservitive when it comes to what can and can not be said in your ad.
Just recently everyone was notified that we could no longer have our rates posted on the site instead adding an extra step to the process prospects are told to "contact for rates". At least with M4RN you dont have to pay full ad price and create multiple ads just to list yourself in other cities like  ..some sites